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The mission of The DJ|JD Foundation is the pursuit of the following principles:

  • Financial Independency and Motivation: The DJ|JD Foundation is committed to showing high school students the value of financial planning and long term saving with our scholarships, while properly incentivizing our students for their consistent academic performance.

  • Personal Development: The DJ|JD Foundation wants students to focus on their personal growth in their lives, careers, friendships, networks, and families.

  • Promise: The DJ|JD Foundation wants to inspire students to commit to the value of long-term goal setting, successful practices, and financial independence through managing strong interpersonal skills.

  • Goal Setting: The focus of The DJ|JD Foundation is to empower high school students in establishing goals and following through on commitments to instill a sense of hope in their future.

  • Recognize Possibility: The DJ|JD Foundation wants to expand the perspective of high school students to make them aware how much of a competitive advantage they actually have when applying to college.


The DJ | JD Foundation’s mission is to be committed to developing students to the highest level of their potential, utilizing multiple college preparatory programs, provide financial literacy and scholarships, and a commitment to their community. The DJ|JD Foundation will support its students multi-faceted contributions to their communities, advances in their educational goals and aspirations, and will work to fill the overall need for competitive college and job placement.


The DJ|JD Foundaiton, key's to success are simple:

  • Establish a strong network of support for high school students and supporting high schools.

  • Launch a series of fundraising activities that will successfully fund the expanding of our various programs and scholarships.

  • Effectively institute our programming to focus on the development of high school students to increase their ability to become more competitively advantage amongst a diverse applicant pool for colleges and universities.

  • Establish an effective monitoring system to protect both the youth and the mentor.