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The DJJD Foundation presents it's first 2015 fundraiser. 

We are looking to raise $10,000 in the remaining 3 quarters to fund our scholarship programming and support 5 students in their future undergraduate studies.

Here's what we need:
Starting 4.14.2015 
3 Quarters
275 Donors
$40 Per Donor
= > $10,000

Participation Information on How to Donate: 
1) Visit, or visit the link listed below. 

2) Complete specific form in its entirety

3) Post Picture that will be attached to your receipt on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, and tag 3 friends.

4) Make sure to follow 3 of the accounts: 
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5) Visit to see your name displayed.  

+Benefits Include
Social Media Promotion
Website Display
Sponsorship Elevation
501(c)3 Tax Exempt Benefit
#iCommit Certificate/Receipt
Donor Reports